Japanese Maples





Elderberry Love

Black Lace Elderberrry

Black Lace Elderberry

I love these shrubs! As beautiful as Japanese Maples but so much easier to grow, Black Beauty and Black Lace’s foliage are a dramatic deep purple – Black Lace’s leaves are finely cut. Sutherland Gold also has finely cut leaves but in a bright gold. All have large flat clusters of pink flowers in early summer followed by edible black berries which can be used for jams and wine or just left on the shrubs for the birds to enjoy. Rapid growers, they will reach 6-8 feet tall and wide, thrive in full sun and are very cold hardy.

If you’ve always wanted to have Japanese Maples but don’t have the shade and protection they need in our Northern Nevada climate, give these great new shrubs a try.

Sutherland Gold Elderberry

Sutherland Gold Elderberry

Fall Berries

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Fall is not just about fall flowers and colorful leaves – many plants set fruit in the fall, including coralberries, snowberries and serviceberries. In the nursery this October we are enjoying the colorful coralberry ‘Amethyst’ and the porcelain vine, both putting on a fall show of berries.