Paver Demonstration

Men at workOur landscape crew gave a demonstration on how to lay pavers yesterday. Hot work!


What’s New

Welcome to our blog! We’ll use this space to provide you with information about what’s happening at the nursery and timely tips about plant care.

What we’re busy with right now:

  • Bugs! We’ve found aphids on our snowball bushes and are spraying to control them. Check your shrubs for aphid damage and treat if necessary.
  • Earwigs are doing a lot of damage in the area. To check to see if it’s earwigs that are making unsightly holes in the leaves of your plants take a flashlight out at night to see if they’re feeding. If you’re not a night owl, fill a shallow can (cat food, tuna, etc.) with about 1/2 inch of vegetable oil and set at the base of damaged plants. Check the can in the morning for earwigs. If you do see earwigs, sprinkle the leaves of your plants with diatomaceous earth. That’ll fix ’em!

Please check back for current tips and information and visit us any time at our website. Enjoy your garden!